Residential Home Inspections





Everything is covered in snow. Can you still inspect the house?
Absolutely, I can still inspect the house.   Naturally, there will be a few limitations, with the largest being the roof and some areas of the foundation.  For a proper perspective on the condition of the roofing material, there needs to be a significant amount of the surface available for viewing and it certain areas, such as valleys, are necessary to view in order to gain a realistic impression of the roof condition.  The depth of snow around the foundation will limit the amount of viewing area available, but every accessible bit of the foundation will be inspected.


Will you get on the roof?
I am a firm believer in walking the roof whenever possible. There are however, situations where it just isn’t possible.  (Inclement weather, heavy snow cover, and very steep roofs to name a few.)  Having a suitable area to place the ladder on the ground is equally as important to ladder safety, and will also be taken into consideration.


Do you offer mold testing?
Yes, I do.  I can take a physical sample of the suspected mold/bacterial growth, and have it analyzed at a qualified laboratory, with results usually returned within 3-5 business days.  Those results will indicate the types of molds present as well as the spore counts. 


How much time does a home inspection take?
Typically, a full home inspection will take 3-4 hours.  Larger or older homes may take a little longer, as there can often be more to inspect or more issues to log and record.  Another 1-3 hours will be spent off site entering data and captioning photos to complete the digital report.  The finished digital report is generally completed and delivered to the client on the day of the inspection, and is never later than 24 hours from the time of the completed inspection.


Is there a fee if I have to cancel my inspection after I have booked it?
Absolutely not.  Hanson Inspections recognizes that the real estate world is often a delicate balance of scheduling and changes, and that the complexity of mortgage requirements often change as the deal progresses.  There are no cancellation fees if your scheduled inspection has to be postponed or cancelled.

Do you inspect fireplaces and wood stoves?
I do inspect them for functionality.  I inspect and test the screens, doors, damper operation and condition of the visible fire bricks.  Please keep in mind though, that a full inspection of wood burning appliances can only be legally done by a WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) certified inspector.  A WETT inspection is a more detailed inspection verifying code compliance and safety/efficiency standards. 

Do you do repairs or offer cost estimates?
I'm afraid I do not.  For ethical reasons, I do not perform repairs on any property I have performed a home inspection on.  For a full review of InterNACHI's Code of Ethics, click here.  Estimates can vary widely depending on which contractor you choose, what materials you use, and the quality of workmanship that is provided. 

What if I don't close on the house you inspect? Can I get a discount for the next one I call you for?
It would be my pleasure. I appreciate when you put your faith in me. If you don't complete your offer on a house that I inspect, I'll continue to offer you $50 off subsequent inspections until you get the house that you do want!

Can you provide images or video?
Absolutely!  Digital photos, thermal image photos, and video clips are included in my reports wherever they are necessary for clarity at no additional cost.

Will we get a written report?
Yes. A detailed digital inspection report will be provided to you within 24 hours upon the completion of the inspection. A PDF version of the report is made available by email, which can be printed, forwarded, or viewed by the client at any time.

Are you insured or bonded?
Both.  I am fully insured through a private insurance company and bonded with the Government of Alberta.

Do you inspect Septic Systems?
I do. But please keep in mind, there are two types of Septic System inspections: Functional Inspections and Maintenance Inspections. A Functional Inspection involves pumping out the septic tank and checking the inside of the tank and connections. This can and should only be done by a professional septic contractor.  A Maintenance Inspection identifies where the parts of the system are located, describes to the client how the system functions and educates on how to maintain the system. Hanson Inspections is certified to provide Maintenance Inspections for clients who are considering purchasing a home or acreage property with a private septic system.

In the event I have concerns prior to closing, can I contact you?
Please do. I can be reached by phone or text (780-907-9177) between 8am and 8pm, 7 days a week.

Can you tell me if there is asbestos in my home?
If asbestos is suspected, I can, for a fee and with the approval of the home owner, take a small sample and have it analyzed at an accredited laboratory for asbestos content.  For additional information on asbestos, click here.